You Can Order a New 2024 Tesla Cybertruck for $4,000?

You Can Order a New 2024 Tesla Cybertruck for $4,000?

Depending on how soon you want your Cybetruck delivered and how fast you want it to be, the MSRP you’re looking at is either $99,990 or $119,990. Tesla is currently shipping only Foundation Series all-wheel-drive units, which command a $20,000 premium. However, you could be the cool guy or gal in your neighborhood with one of these fancy EVs for a fraction of the cost. Here’s what we found.

Tesla launched the Cybertruck at the end of November last year. Since then, we have learned that the production series EV is not the magnificent ride everyone waited for. The MSRP is much higher than was promised, the 123-kWh battery pack’s charging performance is not impressive despite boasting the 800V architecture, many of the promised accessories are not being shipped, and the real-world range is much less than the advertised 340 miles or the 500 miles Elon Musk promised.

Besides all that, owners discovered that the range could drop in half when towing and noticed that the bullet-resistant pickup truck doesn’t like rain. Rust can appear pretty easily unless the customer chooses to pay Tesla $6,000 or more to wrap the EV.

Even YouTubers, who were supposed to use it for clout and content, have been picking on Tesla after it tried to shame Porsche.

Despite all those negative aspects surrounding this EV, the Cybertruck remains a massive flex. Few people believed that the world’s most valuable automaker would actually go through with it.

However, the marque proved them wrong. This thing is real, and many owners (who are stuck with it because there’s no lease option) enjoy driving the edgy triangle on wheels.

Heck, I’d get one, too, if it weren’t so expensive. But maybe there’s something we can work out in this regard. There could be a way out of giving Tesla a minimum of $100,000 for such a pickup truck.

China’s Amazon, Alibaba, an e-commerce giant renowned for having almost everything you might need at incredibly low prices, has Cybertrucks for sale! The cheapest one we found is, as expected, a Foundation Series and costs just $4,000. It almost seems too good to be true.

The seller, Japan Expert Auto Works, is based in the United Arab Emirates. The photos look like they were taken in the US, but a reverse image search on Google reveals no exact matches. They could be authentic. Still, in this day and age, anyone can modify any photo they want with a few clicks and one or two prompts.

The seller has an impressive collection of cheap cars that should never be available for such little money. For example, they also sell BMW XMs for the same price they charge for the Cybertruck. Believe it or not, a used 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom is $1,000 cheaper!

Another Alibaba seller, US-based Kilo Trained Waverly LLC, has two Cybertrucks available for $6,500. However, they describe it as a motorcycle for which they say the warranty is valid for only three months.

We continued our search for a cheap, full-size, and working Cybertruck. A Chinese-based company present on Alibaba, Chongqing Hu Sheng Trading, says it will sell you 50 Cybertrucks or more for only $14,000. It’ll cost you $2,000 more if you want only one unit. It’s unclear how they convinced Tesla to send them so many EVs from Texas, but at least their ad looks better. It inspires more confidence. Also, the company is a verified supplier of Alibaba.

It’s certainly tempting to get such a famous EV for a fraction of its real cost, but we cannot recommend it. The risk is too high, especially since Tesla is known to be picky with service. Besides risking losing your hard-earned money, the product you might end up with, if ever shipped, could be a really cheap knock-off.

The now-Texas-based automaker may want a lot of money for the triangle on wheels, but at least you’ll know that the EV will be the real deal.

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