“We Are A Pattern Of Ancient Atoms,” Says Elon Musk. Twitter Reacts

Elon Musk

The tech billionaire’s rather poetic statement gave rise to a flurry of reactions on Twitter.


The tweet was received with a lot of interest by followers who left a bunch of replies in the comment section.

Replying to Mr Musk’s tweet, one user said, “We are part of the bigger cosmos, our natural and neural composition is the same. None of the gene is lost, they still remain.”

“Perhaps infinite in time and space,” said another.

This person did not lose the opportunity to crack a joke.

There were even conspiracy theories floating in the air, and a mention of Tom Cruise.

The philosophy of the statement was not lost on folks on the Internet.

“Stars formed and died to give us our heavy metals. Thinking about iron-haemoglobin, us breathing oxygen, incredible,” a user said.

Another asked, “What if the galaxy, planets, moons and stars are all giant electrons, protons, neutrons, rotating through infinity and we are like micro dust mites living inside a small fraction of something we can not even comprehend…”.

Does that mean we are all a billion years old, another user wondered.

Tell us what you think of Elon Musk’s statement.

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