Watch: Tesla Model S races Porsche Taycan for electric supremacy

When Porsche announced that it was building an incredibly fast electric sedan, everyone assumed that it was to de-throne the Tesla Model S at the top of the electric ladder, but the German brand assured us that is was just a coincidence.

Fast forward almost a year, a finally have a video of the super-fast Tesla sedan lining up with the painfully fast Porsche sedan for the drag race that the electric world has been waiting for.

Tesla Model S  Porsche Taycan

In one corner you’ve got the electric pioneer in the form of the Tesla Model S performance which packs 615kW and 1300Nm of torque from the two electric motors sitting on each axle.

On top of this, the American sedan is up to date with all the over-the-air updates Tesla has released, including the recent ‘Cheetah Stance’ mode which lowers the front each for more traction on launch.

Representing the Germans in the other corner, we have the Porsche Taycan Turbo S (which doesn’t actually have any turbos) that has the same electric motor set-up with just 567kW and 1,030Nm of torque.

On top of this, the Porsche weighs around 50kg more than its American-built counterpart, so the Tesla should have this one in the bag, right? On paper, the Tesla is better in every way, but the real-world results say otherwise.

Throughout the video, the Taycan beats the Tesla in almost every single race, even roll races from 50km/h and 112km/h. This is down to the fact that Porsche installed a two-speed transmission in the Taycan for higher highway speeds.

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