Updated Tesla Model 3 joins the full fleet of self-driving cars

Updated Tesla Model 3 joins the full fleet of self-driving cars

Tesla Inc.  has rolled out its first-ever Full Self-Driving (FSD) update for the Reengineered Model 3, according to a tweet by an X (formerly Twitter) user.

What Happened: On Sunday, an X user named Joey shared a screenshot of the app that was installing the update on his vehicle. He wrote, “Reengineered Model 3 receiving 12.3.4. Its first FSD update ever!”

Also, a page named Teslascope that tracks Tesla’s updates has confirmed that the new software is being rolled out to some Model 3 users.

The update comes after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, hinted at significant improvements to the company’s FSD software, specifically the Autopark feature, last month. The announcement responded to a user’s detailed experience with the latest FSD version.

Benzinga has reached out to Tesla for an official confirmation. We will update the article as soon as we receive a response.

Why It Matters: This development is significant as it marks the first FSD update for the Reengineered Model 3. Tesla’s FSD software has been deployed on approximately 2 million vehicles in the U.S., as per the latest numbers revealed by the company’s AI Head.

Previously, Tesla had rolled out a one-month free trial of the FSD feature to all U.S. vehicles equipped with it. The supervised version of the software received rave reviews during the trial period, with Musk describing the experience as “like magic”.

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