Two Tesla became the first vehicles

Two Tesla became the first vehicles

Two Tesla vehicles ended up being the first cars that were blocked by climate activists who were protesting fossil fuels. A number of the activists were later arrested.

As noted in a News 2 Share report, the activists opted to hold their protest during rush hour. This ended up causing a traffic jam in the area. What was quite ironic in the whole situation was the fact that the first vehicles that the activists blocked ended up being Teslas, which use no fossil fuels at all when they operate.

The protest sparked a lot of complaints from motorists who were blocked from traveling on the road. One woman walked up to the protesters, explaining that she had been unemployed and she had an interview on that day. The motorist expressed concerns about her family’s welfare if she missed her interview, but the protesters did not budge.

Another motorist caught on video was a man who appeared to be a doctor, who stated that he had patients waiting for him. While speaking with the protesters, he advised the group to hold their protest on the side of the road instead so that they do not impede traffic. The protesters, however, refused to budge.

While addressing the news outlet, the activists noted that they were protesting fossil fuels, as well as any fossil fuel-related projects that the Biden administration is planning.

Officers later attempted to negotiate with the activists, asking them to free up at least one lane, but to no avail. The authorities then explained that since the activists were on the Virginia side of the border near DC, they could face a Class 1 misdemeanor with a $2,500 fine and a year in jail for blocking the roads.

Despite the warnings, three of the protesters refused to leave. Three of the climate activists were ultimately arrested, and traffic was reopened. The entire incident lasted for about half an hour.

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