This feature will be implemented in Tesla 2023

This feature will be implemented in Tesla 2023

Tesla has added a crafty and unique destination feature with the 2023.26 software update.

Tesla’s new Automatic Navigation feature is the automaker’s way of suggesting your destination and giving details like estimated time of arrival, battery upon arrival, and a photo of the location.

It uses things like a destination sent to the vehicle from the Tesla app, a calendar event, or a routine, like leaving your home for work at a certain time and vice versa, to suggest the location.

The feature was spotted by Not a Tesla App.

The same feature is used by Apple Maps and suggests anything from directions to your local gym based on the time you might go every day or an alternate route to a doctor’s appointment that is on your calendar. The suggestions could save time and recommend an alternate route of travel due to roadwork or an accident, for example.

The feature can be turned on and off by going to Controls > Navigation > Enable Automatic Navigation.

This is one of several new features that are not explicitly listed in the 2023.26 release notes, often referred to as an “undocumented change.”

Other additions to the update include a refresh and overhaul of the Spotify App, the use of Bluetooth gaming controllers to use the Tesla Arcade and the long-awaited lease of the “Charge on Sunshine” feature that allows Solar owners to charge their cars using excess energy from their panels and Powerwall.

Tesla’s 2023.26 software update is rolling out to customers, and it will arrive to owners at different times. If you do not have this update yet, be patient, as it is likely headed your way!

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