The YouTuber drove a Cybertruck, Rivian R1T. Here’s his verdict

The YouTuber drove a Cybertruck, Rivian R1T. Here’s his verdict

  • A YouTuber compared Tesla’s new Cybertruck with a Rivian R1T and a Ford F-150 Lightning.
  • Out of Spec Reviews’ Kyle Conner pointed out key differences between the trucks.
  • While he said it’s a case of personal preference, his winner was the Rivian.

When Tesla started shipping its much-anticipated Cybertruck in late November 2023, Rivian and Ford got a new electric truck road rival. Now, one of the first cross-comparisons of the three vehicles is in.

Out of Spec Reviews’ Kyle Conner looked at everything from the trucks’ range and charging speeds to their front trunk and bed size — as well as the comfort of the vehicles. The winner for the YouTuber: The Rivian R1T.

“If I had to choose one vehicle to live with forever, this is it,” Conner said. It’s the right size, the right materials, and the right driving performance for him, he commented.

Conner did say he could still find issues to “nitpick” with the Rivian and stated that it might not be the right truck for everyone, adding that he thinks the vehicles each cater to a different type of owner.

“It’s a very Patagonia truck,” Conner said of the Rivian, pointing out it’s great for off-roading, and he enjoys using the truck for daily driving.

Meanwhile, he said the Cybertruck is more for “tech bros” or urban driving, while the F-150 Lightning is the “traditional working man” truck.

Conner, who owns the Rivian R1T, said he’s driven about a thousand miles testing the Cybertruck and several thousand with an F-150 Lightning test vehicle.

The YouTuber said the F-150 Lightning has the larger cab, frunk (front trunk), and bed and is the best of the three as a functional work truck.

The Cybertruck, however, is best for people who live in a more urban setting due to its highly maneuverable steer-by-wire feature, he said. According to the YouTuber, its interior is also more spacious than the Rivian and has a much more futuristic feel.

“When you roll up in a Cybertruck, you’re either the coolest kid in town or the most hated person around, and you just have no idea which until you start looking at all the faces around you,” he said. “It’s a really polarizing vehicle.”

Conner appreciates the look of the Rivian because it’s “premium, but not pretentious.”

When it comes to specs, the Cybertruck had the lowest range out of the three he’d tested, Conner said. He did note the tests weren’t performed on the same day, though, so he couldn’t testify to the impact of different temperatures on the vehicles’ battery life. He also said the three vehicles have similar towing capabilities.

The Ford truck is the least expensive vehicle, and the Tesla is currently the most costly.

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