The Tesla Cybertruck Isn’t Corolla-Proof

The Tesla Cybertruck Isn’t Corolla-Proof

Imagine dropping an obscene amount of money to be one of the first people to drive a stainless steel appliance down the road, the Tesla Cybertruck that is, only to have a person in a Toyota Corolla crash into you. That’s exactly what happened to someone in the Redwood City area of California, showing that while the Cybertruck is apparently bullet-proof and arrow-proof to a degree, it is not the last bit Corolla-proof.

From what CHP Redwood City said about the incident, the Tesla driver isn’t being blamed and neither is the Cybertruck’s autonomous drive systems. Instead, the whole thing sounds to be the fault of the Toyota driver who turned the Corolla off the road, hit a dirt embankment, swerved back onto the road, crossed the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic, and hit the electric pickup.

We were assured by Elon Musk and his devoted followers that the Cybertruck would be super safe and could float on rivers like a barge for a time or something. Anyway, that’s curious because CHP said only the Tesla driver was injured, albeit minorly, but still. One would think the Corolla striking this stainless steel slab would’ve been demolished and the Toyota driver injured, but that wasn’t so.

But as you can see in the rather blurry image posted to Reddit by someone who drove by the scene after the crash, the Corolla’s front end didn’t fare too well. Everyone can debate about what this means, but this first Cybertruck crash sure is interesting. We’d love to know more details but wonder if any will be released later.

In the meantime, we’re waiting to see more Cybertruck crash scenes to gauge if the outcome of this one was an outlier or if all stainless steel refrigerators behave this way in a collision.

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