The Oculus Quest is back in stock

Oculus Quest

It could sell out quickl

The Oculus Quest untethered virtual reality headset is available on Oculus’ website. The ship date at the time of publishing is March 16th. This model, along with many other VR headsets, has been out of stock for the past few months — in part due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on manufacturing. It’s unclear if this is a sign that availability is returning to normal or if this is a limited supply. Valve recently sold through a limited amountof its Index virtual reality headset on Monday.

So far, the stock only seems to be available through Oculus, but both the 64GB ($399) and 128GB ($499) models are available. Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers that normally sell the Quest don’t appear to have received units just yet.

While the Quest is a lower-powered self-contained VR headset, it can also connect to a PC to play high-end VR games. So if you’re hoping to play Half-Life: Alyx when it releases on March 23rd, this might be your last chance to pick up a good compatible headset. Just don’t forget to grab the long USB-C cable that Oculus recommends.


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