The new Tesla Model X is hiding an understated but incredible secret

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X may be the company’s flagship crossover SUV, but the vehicle has rarely gotten the spotlight this year. Even when Tesla refreshed the Model S and Model X, most of the attention was evidently focused on the Model S and its Plaid variant, which proceeded to destroy every comparable gas-powered vehicle in its class. 

But as it turns out, Tesla has also made some notable improvements to the new Model X Long Range. The company has just not been highlighting them yet. Fortunately, and as shared online by electric vehicle enthusiast @tempermanant, Tesla’s application documents to the EPA have provided some hints as to what exactly changed between last year’s Model X series and this year’s refreshed flagship SUV. 

It should be noted that Tesla’s filings for the 2021 Model X are only true for the Long Range variant, which has already started deliveries. Filings for the Model X Plaid, which features three electric motors and near-supercar performance, are yet to be made available. This is quite different from Tesla’s filings for the 2020 Model X, which represented both the base Model X Long Range Plus and the top-tier Model X Performance. 

A look at the documents shows that the refreshed Model X is lighter than its predecessor, with the new flagship SUV having a curb weight of 5,219 lbs. compared to the 2020 Model X Long Range Plus’ 5,437 lbs. This ~4% weight reduction seems to be partly due to the fact that the new Model X’s battery is ~14% lighter than last year’s Model X Long Range Plus. Tesla’s filings note that the new Model X is fitted with a battery that weighs 537 kg (1,183 lbs). In comparison, the Model X Long Range Plus featured a battery that weighed 625 kg (1,377 lbs). 

Despite being lighter, however, the new Model X Long Range is about 30% more powerful than its Long Range Plus predecessor. The new Model X now features two AC Permanent Magnet Motors, with the front being rated at 243 kW and the rear being rated at 248 kW. This is quite an improvement over the Model X Long Range Plus, which featured a front AC Permanent Magnet Motor rated at 180 kW and a rear AC Induction Motor rated at 189 kW. 

What is quite interesting here is that Tesla’s filings for the new Model X are so far only true for the flagship crossover SUV’s base variant. Needless to say, Tesla’s filings for the Model X Plaid would likely be even more compelling, and it would likely show even more drastic improvements compared to the already stellar 2020 Model X Performance. For context, last year’s Model X Performance was listed with a front AC Permanent Magnet Motor rated at 151 kW and a rear AC Induction motor rated at 273 kW. It would not be a surprise if the Model X Plaid’s three electric motors end up blowing these specs out of the water. 

Check out Tesla’s filings for the new Model X Long Range in the document below. 

2021-Model-X by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

And Tesla’s filings for last year’s Model X Long Range Plus and Model X Performance could be viewed below.

2020-Model-X by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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