The lack of Google Play is not a hindrance. Huawei sold 12 million Mate 30 in three months.

Demand for smartphone is only growing.

The US administration with its ban on working with Google wanted to annoy Huawei, but did it? Judging by the sales data of the “sanctioned” Mate 30, the lack of a catalog of Play applications and other Google services in the smartphone does not in the least interfere with its popularity.

Google Play Huawei phone Google Mat

According to the source, Huawei has currently sold 12 million smartphones in the Mate 30 line, and over the past month alone, over 5 million devices have been sold. This suggests that the demand for the model is only growing. And it grows, most likely due to the top versions with 5G support – they went on sale in China exactly in November.

Given that Huawei sold 12 million Mate 30 different configurations in just three months, the basic forecast for the sale of 20 million smartphones of the family, apparently, will not only be fulfilled, but also overfulfilled. The evil of the US Administration and the envy of competitors.