The Insane Tesla Cybertrax Demolishes Snow And Ice

The Insane Tesla Cybertrax Demolishes Snow And Ice

Tesla TSLA Cybertruck

If you’ve been following Tesla Cybertruck news for the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen the wild EV with snow-spitting tracks driving around Colorado’s hills. The guys behind that monster Cybertruck released a video yesterday of how they modified the truck, and it will blow your mind.

The Cybertruck owner goes by the Instagram handle name of Supercar Ron, a Utah-based car collector who owns some of the fastest and coolest cars in the world, including the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, Porsche 911 Dakar, and several others.

He recently took delivery of a Foundation Series Cybertruck and tasked Sparks Motors with some crazy modifications. Sparks Motors engineered heavy-duty snow tracks, giving it the name Tesla Cybertrax.

It wasn’t an easy job. They had to re-engineer the suspension to accommodate the Helltrax snow tracks. Naturally, the factory suspension wasn’t built to withstand the level of abuse the snow tracks would expose the chassis to.

The Cybertrax broke down on both the first and the second trial runs. On the first run, the factory-fitted front upper control arm broke “like a piece of paper.” It was super thin and not structurally sound, as per Dave Sparks of Sparks Motors.

On the second run, a bolt that held the tie rod to the rear steering rack broke. So Sparks Motors had to disable the rear-wheel steering. Additionally, they beefed up the control arms and installed stronger Fox shocks to make it all work. They also installed custom bumpers and rockers to give the EV a stronger footing.

reover, Tesla seemed enthusiastic about this project. “Tesla has been nothing but super friendly and super supportive and they were insanely excited about the modifications. They genuinely care about their customers and their vehicles,” Sparks said in the video.

They also added some visually distinctive elements, like Baja Designs high-performance lights and a digital snow camo wrap. The video above is worth watching in full if you’re a Cybertruck fan. Do you think the Cybertruck, which is already so polarizing and outlandish, is a cool EV to tinker with?

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