The American version of the new Model 3 will receive

The American version of the new Model 3 will receive

Tesla has released the U.S. owner’s manual for the 2024 Model 3, revealing some intriguing differences from its European counterpart (Thanks to Ninerbynature). Additionally, it appears that Tesla has added a couple some changes since the new Model 3 was initially revealed.

Additional Airbags and Updated Steering Wheel

One of the most notable additions to the US version of the refreshed Model 3 is the inclusion of knee airbags. These airbags protect the driver and front passenger’s legs in a collision. Oddly, the European models do not currently feature these knee airbags as stated in the manual.

The owner’s manual states that the new knee airbags are for the US only and goes on to state the advantages of the additional airbags:

“Knee airbags and the front airbags work together. The knee airbags limit the forward motion of the front seat occupants by restricting leg movement, thereby positioning the occupants so that the front airbags work more effectively.”

Another addition to the US 2024 Model 3 (don’t call it the Highland) is introducing a multi-function light on the steering wheel. The manual states that similar to the cruise control light on the right, the new multi-function light on the left side is non-functional. It’s not clear what this light will be used for or when it will turn on, but it could possibly indicate when the multi-function ability of the scroll wheel is active.

Update: A user let us know this addition to the steering wheel is in fact not a button, but just a light. We updated the article to reflect this new information.

Rear Console Locked in Place

Tesla has also made another modification to the new Model 3 that appears to apply to everyone. According to the new owner’s manual, the rear console will now lock in place during certain driving situations like hard accelerations or while driving on a steep slope. It’s a subtle yet thoughtful addition, similar to the redesigned glovebox.

Initial deliveries of the 2024 Model 3 were scheduled in the coming months. However, production at Tesla’s Fremont, California, factory appears limited, as reported by Teslarati. Drone footage from the YouTube channel “Met God in Wilderness” shows little activity related to the new Model 3 at the Fremont factory. The video captures a few of these vehicles on the test track and parked nearby, but only about a dozen units are visible. Tesla seems to be conducting tests, with the factory’s outbound lot predominantly filled with Model Y and Model X units, but the new Model 3 is noticeably absent.

Despite the apparent scarcity of the new Model 3 at the factory, Tesla’s delivery timelines are nearing. Reports suggest the Fremont factory is prepared to ramp up production of the vehicles. Tesla recently adjusted its delivery schedule, with deliveries now expected between February and March. Tesla executives, including Elon Musk, will be asked about the new Model 3 deliveries during the upcoming shareholders call on January 24.

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