Tesla’s steering yoke and Auto Shift system tested in real-world scenarios

Tesla Model S

One of the Tesla Model S Plaid’s key features is its uniquely shaped steering yoke, which is notably different from the traditional steering wheels that have been used in cars for decades. The unique steering system has earned the approval of CEO Elon Musk, who noted on Twitter that he loves the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke.  

This does not mean to say that the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke has passed the eyes of critics unscathed. Even until today, and even as deliveries of the first batch of Model S Plaid sedans have been completed, the vehicle’s steering yoke remains a source of criticism and mockery from the company’s critics. Interestingly enough, even some avid electric vehicle advocates have noted that the yoke may be a case of form over function, as the steering system may be a nightmare to use in real life. 

But inasmuch as the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke may seem like an exercise in hubris to some, the newly-released steering system may actually be pretty intuitive. This was highlighted in a recent video from YouTube host Tesla Raj, who shared a full walkthrough of the Model S Plaid. Among the topics discussed in the video was how the steering yoke performed in real-world scenarios. 

The owner of the Model S Plaid admitted that there was some degree of unfamiliarity with the steering yoke right after he took delivery of his car. However, the Model S owner noted that he soon became accustomed to the yoke. This could be seen in the video, which featured the driver performing smooth three-point turns and U-turns without difficulties. Overall, the Tesla owner noted that the Model S Plaid’s yoke is actually quite comfortable to use. 

Together with the steering yoke, another feature of the Model S Plaid that has caught the eye of the EV community is the vehicle’s Auto Shift function, which uses Autopilot cameras to determine which gear the vehicle should engage. As could be seen in the video, the vehicle’s Auto Shift Out of Park feature actually works really well. The system is extremely cautious too, as evidenced by the feature purposely avoiding pedestrians that may be blocking the vehicle. 

The Model S Plaid may be so full of new features; it may seem like Tesla was looking to solve problems that do not exist. However, it is important to note that Tesla has a tendency to build vehicles with the future in mind. Followers of the company would likely remember the massive controversies that resulted from the Model 3’s 15-inch landscape display and lack of instrument cluster, yet it was a system that eventually proved itself over the years. Perhaps the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke and features like Auto Shift would be the same. 

Watch Tesla Raj‘s extensive walkthrough of the Model S Plaid in the video below. \

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