Tesla’s silence on safety data

Tesla’s silence on safety data

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It appears that Tesla Inc. TSLA has not released an Autopilot safety data report in a year, raising questions about the company’s transparency.

Electrek reported, that since 2018, Tesla has been publishing a quarterly report indicating the improvement in Autopilot safety by comparing miles per accident on Autopilot versus off Autopilot. However, this practice suddenly came to a halt without any explanation.

In January 2023, Tesla resumed releasing reports for the first three quarters of 2022. A few months later, the company issued the Q4 report. But since then, it has once again stopped releasing data, rendering the latest data close to a year old.

This has led to speculation that the company may be trying to conceal a lack of improvements over the past year.

Notably, the company does not have a press relations team in the U.S. to field questions such as why it hasn’t released an Autopilot safety report in nearly a year. As a result, the actual reasons behind Tesla’s reticence remain a mystery.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has often suggested that people watch videos of FSD Beta drives to keep track of progress. However, this forms a very limited dataset and doesn’t provide a comprehensive view of the system’s safety.

The lack of data makes it difficult to track and see improvements over time, raising concerns about Tesla’s commitment to deliver on promises it has been making to new buyers since 2016.

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