Tesla’s S3XY lineup lands in Top 50 most in-demand used cars

Tesla’s S3XY lineup lands in Top 50 most in-demand used cars

According to a new study, the four Tesla S3XY models landed in the Top 50 of the most in-demand used cars globally.

Tesla vehicles are already the most popular EVs in the world, and they are also the most popular used vehicles in terms of sales.

Past studies, as recent as January 2024, have shown that Model 3 and Model Y were the most popular used EVs, boasting a strong resale price and value for sellers and buyers alike.

It appears global interest in used EVs still falls in Tesla’s favor, as a new survey from Compare the Market — Australia showed that the top 50 cars worldwide were comprised of only five electric cars, four of them being Teslas.

The study uses global annual search volume averages to determine which vehicle models are the most popular among used cars. The Jeep Wrangler (536,200), Toyota Tacoma (531,000), Honda Civic (505,600), and Honda City (498,200) led the Tesla Model 3 (412,000).

Another EV doesn’t show up until the 21st place on the list, as the Tesla Model Y (173,400) appears. The Model S (146,200), Model X (134,700), and Nissan Leaf (125,800) round out the EVs on the list with 26th place, 33rd place, and 37th place, respectively.

Interestingly, we did not see the Chevrolet Bolt on the list, which was the third-most-popular EV in 2023 U.S. used EV sales.

Evidently, even non-Tesla drivers are most interested in the company’s vehicles as the automaker has pushed its cars to the point of ultimate relevance.

Not only has an increased advertising effort likely contributed, but Tesla’s attempts to build the most reliable and technologically proficient vehicles have helped the company encourage potential consumers to consider driving what many feel is the best EV money can buy.

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