Tesla’s newest innovation will change the way

Tesla’s newest innovation will change the way

The Elon Musk-headed firm is looking to rid users of a cumbersome task.

Charging an electric anything is an essential, but bothersome task that is critical for such gadgetry to work as intended.

For owners of electric vehicles, lugging a charging cable from the wall or charging station to the charging port can be a hassle if one is unfamiliar with the car.

However, the boffins at Tesla (TSLA) – Get Free Report are transforming what was a once cumbersome way of charging its cars into an ultra-convenient form of technology.

In an in-depth segment featuring the newly-introduced Tesla Cybertruck on “Jay Leno’s Garage”, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen revealed that the firm is working on a garage-installed wireless charging pad for Tesla vehicles.

In conversation during a drive with the former “Tonight Show” host and Tesla VP of Engineering Lars Moravy, Von Holzhausen described that such a device would allow charging a Tesla to be as simple and convenient as laying down a smartphone on a wireless charging pad on a table.

“We’re working on inductive [wireless] charging, so don’t even need to plug something in at that point,” Von Holzhausen said. “Just pull up in your garage and drive over the pad and charge it.”

The reveal of the technology is part of an hour-long segment where Von Holzhausen and Moravy guided the former late night host and car collector through its many technological bells and whistles.

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