Tesla’s market share in Europe keeps crumbling, as China reclaims top spot in global EV race

Tesla typically delivers fewer cars to Europe in the first month of each quarter.
Volkswagen Group sold the most electric vehicles of any company in the key European market in January 2021

Tesla’s share of the critical European battery-electric-vehicle market crumbled in the first month of 2021, and China has taken the top spot from Europe in the EV race, according to new research.

Tesla’s TSLA, 5.37% trajectory in Europe is in decline. The U.S. car maker delivered 1,619 battery-electric vehicles to 18 key European markets in January, representing 3.5% of all battery-electric vehicles registered that month, according to a report based on public data by automotive analyst Matthias Schmidt. In 2020, Tesla delivered 1,977 vehicles in January — more than a 5% market share.

Those 18 markets include the European Union states — minus 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe — as well as the U.K., Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

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