Tesla’s ambient lighting has made its way to the Model Y in China

Tesla’s ambient lighting has made its way to the Model Y in China

Tesla Model Y China

Tesla released an updated Model Y with fresh interior designs and new wheels in China last week, and the changes with ambient lighting can now be seen in a new leaked video that shows the cabin of the all-electric crossover.

In late September, Tesla decided to add a few new features to the Model Y crossover, but these updates would only take place in the Chinese version of the vehicle.

Based on images from Tesla’s Design Studio in China, there were several new features, including the omittance of the wood panel strip that lines the dash and an ambient lighting strip that runs along the new panel.

While rumors of “Project Juniper,” an updated version of the Model Y that was perhaps comparable to what Tesla did with the Model 3 “Highland,” have circulated, this is likely not the “refresh” the automaker has in mind for the crossover.

These are minor changes that help freshen up the vehicle design and can push consumers to buy a new version of the car, helping push sales upward.

The new features are now being shown in a video from China, which shows the paneling and ambient light strips .

It is definitely a different look, and we could see a more expansive ambient lighting feature in the Model Y “Juniper” if Tesla ultimately decides to go ahead with a full refresh like it did with the Model 3.

We reported yesterday that it seems Tesla planned to install ambient lighting in the Model S and Model X as early as 2022, but the automaker ultimately decided against it.

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