Tesla working on 164-stall Supercharger station in California

Tesla working on 164-stall Supercharger station in California

Tesla files plans to build world’s largest 164-stall Supercharger in CaliforniaTesla is building a massive 164-stall Supercharger station in California, set to become the new world’s largest Supercharger upon completion.

X user and longtime Supercharger scout MarcoRPi1 spotted a construction application for the site on Monday, showing site plans featuring 164 stalls in Kern County. The project is dubbed a Supercharger station and microgrid, set to include solar canopies, drive-through stalls and likely some Tesla Megapacks to store power generated by the solar hardware.

Located close to Lost Hills off of Highway 46 near the junction with I-5, the site plans include as many as 16 pull-through stalls and solar canopies above every parking spot. Marco says that he thinks Tesla may also be working on a solar farm to the north of the charging stations, noting that the plans show a “maintenance gate,” and a 150-foot designation. Still, he adds that the claim hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Currently, the Harris Ranch Supercharger in Coalinga, California, is the largest with 98 stalls, as followed by an 84-stall Supercharger in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Tesla is expanding the Supercharger network fairly rapidly, and the automaker surpassed 2,000 active stations in the U.S. in October. According to supercharger.info at the time of writing, there are currently 2,728 active Supercharger stations in the U.S., and as many as 3,004 across all of North America.

Along with some of the company’s larger Supercharger sites, Tesla is also building a unique station including a diner and drive-in theater in Los Angeles. The location, which is currently being constructed in East Hollywood, has been discussed by CEO Elon Musk since 2018, set toinclude short clips from the best movies of all time, as well as an overall 1950s-style theme with rock music and waiters riding roller skates.

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