Tesla VIN Decoder Reveals Two Versions of Cybertruck

Tesla VIN Decoder Reveals Two Versions of Cybertruck

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The Tesla Inc 2024 Model Year VIN decoder live on U.S. auto regulator NHTSA‘s website is providing details into the EV giant’s upcoming Cybertruck hitherto unrevealed by the company or its CEO.

What Happened: As per the document submitted by the company to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Cybertruck will be available in two variants- dual motor standard and triple motor performance.

The document also provides a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for the upcoming vehicle with its ‘futuristic’ design. While a class ‘G’ Cybertruck will have a GVWR between 3629 kg to 4082 kg, class ‘H’ Cybertruck will have a GVWR between 4082 kg to 4536 kg.

Gross vehicle weight rating, however, is not curb weight of the vehicle. It is the vehicle’s maximum weight including its payload capacity. Though the company did not explicitly specify which version would be class G and which would be class H, one can assume that the Cybertruck with higher GVWR would be the performance version.

Why It Matters: The first Cybertruck deliveries are scheduled for November 30 at Tesla’s gigafactory in Texas. Details into the specifications and price of the vehicle are still under wraps.

Tesla had previously said that the vehicle, one of the most anticipated from the Tesla stable, will be available in three configurations, namely single-motor rear wheel drive, dual motor all-while drive and tri-motor all-wheel drive. However, there is no mention of the single-motor version on the VIN decoder.

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