Tesla takes Cybertruck testing to the next level

Tesla takes Cybertruck testing to the next level

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted testing once again as mass production of the vehicle looms into focus.

Easily the most anticipated vehicle of 2023 is the Tesla Cybertruck. With hundreds of thousands of reservations estimated and fans eagerly awaiting a full reveal in Q3 of this year, the Cybertruck has never been closer to market introduction than today. Now, the Cybertruck has once again been spotted testing on the Freemont test track in California.

The Cybertruck was spotted by Twitter user Fred who posted the i/mages late last night.

This most recent appearance follows a wave of sightings of the truck in public, hinting at production being closer than ever before. Other recent sightings include the vehicle being tested at a wind tunnel in Austin, Texas, and the truck being seen driving around on public roads in California with manufacturer plates, even making a quick appearance at Tesla’s newest engineering headquarters in San Francisco.

As Tesla’s hotly anticipated truck heads toward production, it has reignited controversy regarding its design and capabilities, with some notable personalities, including Joe Rogan and Jim Cramer, taking sides.

The most recent official news about the Cybertruck was announced earlier this month at Tesla’s shareholder meeting, in which the company CEO, Elon Musk, shared a Q3 reveal date as well as a couple of other enticing quotes, including noting that the Cybertruck is likely a once in a lifetime product. Besides these comments from Musk, Tesla’s shareholder deck also pointed out that the truck had entered preliminary production, in which a small number of prototype units are being constructed by hand while using what could be production-ready parts.

Tesla has shared a video showing the Cybertruck completing crash testing, indicating that regulatory approval is likely the final hurdle the company is overcoming before bringing the vehicle to market. However, despite all these details, mechanical specifications, pricing, and availability have yet to be announced by America’s favorite EV brand.

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