Tesla supplier chain orders hint at 1M-vehicle potential in 2021

Tesla China

Tesla may be pretty silent about its actual vehicle production and delivery targets for 2021, but updates from the company’s supply chain suggest that the EV maker is aiming for an incredibly impressive number. Based on recent reports from some of Tesla’s suppliers, it appears that the company is aiming to hit 1 million vehicles in 2021. 

This was recently mentioned in a segment from 三立iNEWS, which featured the chairman of reduction gear maker Hota. In a statement, the chairman mentioned that the EV maker has a 1 million vehicle production and delivery target this year. The same was true for Sysgration, which supplies Tesla’s Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). 

As per a report from local Chinese news agency UDN.com, Sysgration has seen a notable rise in orders from Tesla this year. According to Sysgration President Hsieh Tung-Fu, the company has received an order for 4 million units of the Model 3 and Model Y’s Bluetooth tire pressure detector, which translates to about 1 million vehicles. Considering the rapid rise in Tesla’s orders, it would not be surprising if the EV maker ends up playing a part in the growth of Sysgration itself. 

This already seems to be the case, as the TPMS maker is poised to invest $600 million into a new factory that would allow it to expand the production of its tire pressure monitoring system units. The global demand for TPMS units goes as high as 300 million units per year, and Sysgration is already making its mark as a premier provider of Bluetooth tire pressure detectors. So far, Sysgration has been successful, with the company commanding about 90% of the Bluetooth TPMS segment. 

Tesla is in an era of rapid growth, especially this year with the expected expansion of Giga Shanghai and Gigafactory Berlin and Giga Texas’s launch. With Tesla practically on its way to doubling the number of its EV factories within the next year or two, the company’s supply chain would have to be far more robust. Fortunately, it appears that Tesla’s suppliers, at least those like Sysgration, are more than willing to step up to the plate. 

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