Tesla Superchargers in Canada Begin Using SpaceX Starlink Internet

Starlink Elon Musk Canada

Canadians can now experience Starlink Wi-Fi at select Tesla Superchargers as the electric car maker has started installing SpaceX Starlink internet at its Superchargers across the country, Tesla North is reporting.

Captured by British Columbia-based Tommy F, the above photo shows a Starlink dish installed at a Tesla Supercharger in Surrey.

According to Tommy F, however, the Starlink service can only be accessed by a Tesla and connects automatically to the Wi-Fi when within range. This means you cannot connect your other devices to the Starlink internet at Tesla Superchargers.

Below is a speed test performed by the user parked three charging stalls away from the Starlink dish.

Download speeds ranged from 21.28 Mbps as seen above, while other tests saw speeds of 8.98 Mbps download and 1.28 Mbps download using Google.

Have you been able to spot a Starlink dish installed at your local Tesla Supercharger?

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