Tesla Supercharger gets Lego-fied

Tesla Supercharger gets Lego-fied

Tesla Supercharger gets Lego-fied

A crazy Tesla Supercharger-inspired Lego Ideas project is about as detailed as they come. A fan of the automaker developed a detailed and accurate depiction of a Tesla Supercharger and submitted it to Lego’s Ideas platform, where it can be voted into becoming a real, purchasable project.

The Tesla Center Lego set was submitted by Airbricks95 and comes fitted with a lounge, three Supercharger stalls, and a Tesla Cybertruck and Model 3. It was submitted to Lego’s Idea platform on March 7 and has already accumulated nearly 2,500 supporters in its week on the site.

“Welcome to Tesla Centers today, the world is changing, and electric vehicles are arriving on our roads to give way to ecology, it seems to me necessary to build this set,” the description says.

It even features personalizable space for the vehicles and two rolling door systems that would allow the owner to put their vehicles inside.

Make sure you greet the Tesla Center employee, who is there to take care of all of your concerns inside!

This certainly is not the first time that Tesla products have been the subject of LEGO projects. The Cybertruck, and several iterations of it, were released to the public over the past few years.

In fact, a version of the Cybertruck was also a part of the LEGO Ideas sector. Just after the truck’s unveiling in December 2019, a Cybertruck fan developed a near-carbon copy of the all-electric futuristic pickup.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut.

You can support the LEGO Tesla Center for 597 more days at this link. Be sure to leave comments on the page, which will bring more attention to the LEGO team and perhaps bring this project to fruition.

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