Tesla starts shipping $3,000 Cybertruck tent

Tesla starts shipping $3,000 Cybertruck tent

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Accessories are big with trucks. Their form factor open up a bunch of interesting possibilities with the bed, but the Cybertruck’s specific design with the angle on the bed makes it more difficult to use some off-the-shelves accessories.

To address that, Tesla has planned a series of accessories designed specifically for the Cybertruck.

One of them is Basecamp, a tent that fits in the back of the electric pickup truck. It was first announced with the original unveiling of the Cybertruck in 2019:

This looked like an interesting design with seemingly a rigid bottom half that matched the design of the truck.

The product became ‘Basecamp’ and was released for sale shortly after Tesla revealed the production version of the truck last year. It already seemed to be a lot less attractive design at that point:

Now, Tesla has started shipping, or rather installing, the Basecamp for early Cybertruck owners.

I say “installing” because you need your first installation to happen at a Tesla Service Center to attach the tent’s brakets, which support the base of the tent, to the Cybertruck’s vault side rails.

A Cybertruck owner going by ‘TownBiz’ on Cybertruck Owners Club received one of the very first Basecamp and gave a first impression review of the tent system:

‘Although Tesla is requiring SCs to do the initial install, in reality both install and removal of the tent from the bed (aka “vault”) is straightforward as long as you can deadlift 90lbs and/or have a buddy to help lift. Basecamp comes with 6 brackets that attach to the vault’s side rails and have specific spacing. Attaching these brackets is simple: same as how you attach your bottle opener or tie down points that come with Foundation Series trucks. Assuming Tesla is requiring the SC to do it just because of potential liability issues w/ people not putting the brackets in the right positions. That said, the manual provides install instructions for anyone to put these brackets in, so I suspect that one day Tesla may direct ship to customers. The trickiest parts of initial install are setting the stowed Basecamp in the right slot (need to put it in at a slight angle closest to the bed of the truck) and aligning the two T25 bolts that secure Basecamp’s frame to the truck. The manual recommends using a flashlight so you can align the holes and that really does make it pretty easy. Unfortunately the SC installer had some difficulty with this initially and scratched one of my brackets and may have also slightly messed up the threading on that bracket because it’s a little loose – not a show stopper, and theoretically a replaceable part. Once you remove those two T25 bolts, you can take the zipped up Basecamp with frame out of the truck and store it at home. This is welcome news because it definitely cuts into the length of your bed/vault (a bit more than 1/3 closest to the cab of the truck) if you like to transport adult sized mountain bikes using a tailgate pad. Otherwise, as mentioned the design is great because you can store gear under the stowed Basecamp.’

Here’s what the production version of the Basecamp looks like on the Cybertruck .

Obviously, it looks nothing like the original render and arguably, it doesn’t look as good. To be fair, it should look better with the awning out, but they haven’t installed it in this case.

The owner has noted a few issues with the installation, packing, and unpacking process. He is not sure if he can recommend it for $3,000:

The ‘Tent Mode’ is expected to enable an auto leveling of the truck with its air suspension, but the software is nowhere to be found in Cybertrucks right now.

There’s unfortunately no way to link the truck’s AC to the tent with this system.

In my opinion, this is definitely a disapointment for the price and in comparison to the original renders.

$3,000 is no joke. You can get some awesome tents for that price.

Sounds like you would be better off with an off-truck tent or maybe an off-the-shevel roof tent if you can have some kind of cross bar accessory to make the Cybertruck’s roof flat and able to receive the tent.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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