Tesla starts leaning into advantages of supervised FSD

Tesla starts leaning into advantages of supervised FSD

Tesla FSD Beta 10.3 Canada According to the release notes of the Tesla 2022.12.1 update:

With the release and warm reception to FSD V12.3, it appears that Tesla is now leaning towards promoting the advanced driver-assist system as a supervised solution that can make driving a lot easier. This was hinted at in recently leaked emails from Elon Musk and Tesla’s own posts on social media.

Tesla FSD V12.3 has been very impressive so far, with many users stating that the advanced driver-assist system can now navigate inner city streets like a fairly capable human driver. This does not mean to say that FSD has become a fully hands-free system, of course, but it does suggest that the system has has improved to a degree where it can now navigate the intricacies of inner city driving confidently and safely.

This point seems to be something that Tesla has been highlighting as of late. While FSD is still not a fully autonomous driving system, using a supervised version of the advanced driver-assist suite already provides a superior and much safer driving experience. Tesla describes this as much in a post on its official X account, when the EV maker noted that “under your supervision, FSD V12.3 can drive your Tesla almost anywhere.”

FSD users have noted that a rarely announced advantage of the advanced driver-assist system lies in the fact that it makes long trips so much easier. With FSD V12.3 taking on driving tasks on both highways and in inner-city streets, drivers really are just there to supervise the system and make adjustments or interventions if necessary. This makes driving far easier and less tiring, which is very valuable during long trips.

Elon Musk also seems to be leaning into the idea of promoting FSD’s latest iteration as an extremely capable supervised driver-assist system. In a recently leaked email, the Tesla CEO stated that moving forward, Tesla delivery teams in North America must take customers on a short test ride on FSD V13.1 before handing over their vehicles. This, Musk noted, would help people realize just how good supervised FSD has become.

Musk’s leaked email and Tesla’s recent posts on social media are quite interesting, considering that the CEO has, for the past years, estimated that full autonomous driving is just around the corner. While Tesla does seem to be changing its tone somewhat with regard to FSD’s marketing, the company’s focus on supervised FSD — at least for now — does help emphasize just how far ahead Tesla is compared to other automakers also offering advanced driver-assist solutions.

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