Tesla shares video from Baja Cybertruck testing trip

Tesla shares video from Baja Cybertruck testing trip

Elon Musk and the Cybertruck challenged to 1K-mile race against a hydrogen-powered monster at the 2023 Baja 1000

Tesla has shared a video documenting some Cybertruck testing performed in Baja California, Mexico, prior to the electric pickup’s release last year.

In October, ahead of Tesla’s November 30 delivery event, the automaker shared photos, videos and a short livestream of the Cybertruck team testing the vehicle in Baja California. On Friday, Tesla shared a 15-minute video on YouTube about the experience, showing interviews with some of the engineering team while there, and on-the-ground coverage of the testing process.

The video chronicles the two Cybertrucks and their trip through the Baja 1,000, also alluding to their use of Starlink “mini” dishes for staying connected and sharing data as it comes in. The roads are fairly unpredictable, going from super rocky and bumpy to smooth, washed-out areas, and later to sandy surfaces, at times even forcing the Cybertrucks to cross shallow waterways.

The trip consists of the following five stages:

  • Stage One: Ensenada to San Quintín (133 miles)
  • Stage Two: San Quintín to Bahía de los Ángeles (224 miles)
  • Stage Three: Bahía de los Ángeles to San Ignacio (189 miles)
  • Stage Four: San Ignacio to Loreto (209 miles)
  • Stage Five: Loreto to La Pas (232 miles)

The team features several engineers who talk about the trip as they make their way south, including Lead Cybertruck Engineer Wes Morrill. While the team notes at a couple of different points that they’re impressed with the Cybertruck’s efficiency, some of the harsher driving roads do take a toll on the electric vehicle (EV).

As one example, one of the Cybertruck’s hits a deep berm during stage three of the trip, causing the windshield glass to break. This portion of the drive is full of extra-deep washouts due to a recent hurricane that damaged much of the road, according to the team. The trip also let employees test features such as traction control, extract clearance and off-road mode, and more at various points in the team’s travels.

You can watch the full 15-minute video from Tesla below.

The Baja 1,000 is not the only off-road testing Tesla has performed on the truck, though it may be the longest single trip taken on one of these tests. The Cybertruck recently was featured in an off-road demo at Hell’s Revenge, after having been tested at Hollister Hills and in the Tahoe National Forest over the past few months.

Tesla is currently ramping up production of the Cybertruck at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, with a recent drone flyover showing more than 300 units outside the plant. The U.S. automaker has also been showing the Cybertruck off at multiple automotive expos, and it has been touring through China and Japan.

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