Tesla Roadster RR Prototype Hits the Market

Tesla Roadster RR Prototype Hits the Market

A piece of Tesla history, the one-of-a-kind Roadster RR, is now on the market, offering Tesla enthusiasts and collectors a rare chance to own a unique prototype. This Tesla Roadster is not just any electric vehicle; it represents what could have been a significant evolution in Tesla’s lineup.

Originally a 2012 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport, this vehicle was transformed into the Roadster RR prototype after being reacquired by Tesla following an accident. It underwent extensive repairs and modifications at Tesla’s Seattle service division, intended to showcase a planned $30,000 performance package that ultimately never made it to production due to internal shifts within the company.

The performance enhancements are both mechanical and aesthetic. Mechanically, the Roadster RR includes a Hollinger limited-slip differential optimized for electric torque, high-performance Tarox brakes at both the front and rear, and a custom-tuned suspension system. Aesthetically, it features exclusive carbon-fiber bodywork with a clear-coat finish—making it the only Roadster to expose its carbon fiber body—and a luxuriously reupholstered interior.

Despite these extensive modifications, the Roadster’s powertrain remains largely unchanged from the 2.5 Sport model, which produced 288 horsepower and 295 ft-lbs of torque. However, the prototype’s battery pack was upgraded from the original 53-kWh battery to an 88-kWh pack, significantly boosting its range from 244 miles to an impressive 400 miles. Since the installation of the new battery, the car has accumulated only 100 miles, indicating it is in excellent condition.

This exclusive Roadster RR prototype is being sold through a dedicated website, and while the asking price has not been disclosed, it is expected to exceed the original $150,000 price tag of the 2.5 Sport model. This sale represents a unique opportunity for collectors and aficionados to own a significant piece of Tesla’s development history, encapsulated in a vehicle that combines performance upgrades with historical significance.

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