Tesla reportedly resumes Model S Plaid and Long Range deliveries

Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla has reportedly resumed deliveries of the Model S Plaid and Long Range variants just days after reports of a hold were rumored to be delaying customer deliveries of the automaker’s flagship sedan. Several days ago, numerous Model S reservation holders were told Tesla would deliver their vehicles at a later time.

After initial reports of the Model S being held at Tesla’s Fremont production facility in Northern California circulated, many customers wondered why. A video flyover of Tesla’s lot at Fremontrevealed hundreds of Model S builds were sitting and simply collecting dust. Curious onlookers were questioning why these vehicles were not being delivered to customers. This question also stumped the community several months ago, when Tesla had not yet held the Model S Plaid delivery event at Fremont on June 10th.

Citing “one more week of tweaks,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the vehicle just was not quite where it should have been. The additional week proved to be monumental in Tesla’s case, as customers were finally able to accept delivery of their fastest and arguably most-anticipated car to date.

However, after the Model S deliveries began, there was another holdup in deliveries just several weeks later. One owner told his story on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit and claimed that, despite his Model S being in a nearby delivery center, he could not pick up the vehicle. Another owner received a text message from a Tesla representative in Austin, Texas. This outlined the “updated inspection process” that Tesla had recently adopted, which had ended up delaying customer deliveries. It was unknown why Tesla adopted the additional inspection process for the Model S Plaid, but it was undoubtedly a non-negotiable process that would not be optional for owners.

Several sources indicate that Tesla has lifted the ban in Fremont, with reports of firmware issues being the culprit for the delayed deliveries. Teslarati contacted Tesla showrooms, and employees were unable to confirm nor deny whether the company did lift the hold, but did indicate there was a hold on the deliveries. The employees just didn’t indicate whether the hold was still active or not.

An updated post from u/MrExitStrategy, who initially talked about the nationwide delivery hold on Model S builds, said that several reservation holders reported that the hold has been lifted and that customers are being told they can pick their vehicles up.

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