Tesla remains silent about the release of an updated model

Tesla remains silent about the release of an updated model

EV giant Tesla Inc failed to give hope to U.S. consumers awaiting the refreshed Model 3— nicknamed Highland— during the company’s third-quarter earnings call on Wednesday.

What Happened: “I just wanted to address that unfortunately we don’t answer product related questions and timings on earnings calls,” said VP of Investor Relations Martin Viecha in response to a question on when Model 3 Highland will be available in the U.S.

This is despite the fact that Tesla provides several details on its products on its earnings call. Tesla even offered several details on the Cybertruck on Wednesday.

Why It Matters: Tesla unveiled the refreshed Model 3 rear-wheel drive in China in late August priced at 259,900 yuan (~$35,525), 12% higher than the former Model 3 vehicle priced at 231,900 yuan ($31,698). The new Model 3 has a greater range of up to 629km on a single charge, LED lighting in the interiors, a rear touchscreen, and a better sound system.

The refreshed version of the cheapest car in Tesla’s lineup is presently available in China’s Mainland, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, the U.K., Ireland, and the Middle East, among others.

The refreshed vehicle is yet to be launched in the U.S. where the Model 3 currently starts at $38,990.

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