Tesla reactivates window functions

Tesla reactivates window functions

Tesla has reactivated certain window functions after the automaker “recalled” over 1 million vehicles last year in response to NHTSA regulations.

In September, Tesla “recalled” 1,096,762 vehicles across its entire lineup due to a safety issue with windows. The windows may have exerted more force than necessary before they retracted, and the agency said some passengers could be injured as the action could pinch them.

Tesla was unaware of any injuries or warranty claims connected to the issue, but some employees were aware of “system performance that had greater than expected variations in response to pinch detection.”

Tesla issued an over-the-air software update on September 13 that would address the issue. Rolling windows up and down unless the brake pedal was applied, operating the windows through the Tesla App, automatic window closing once the vehicle was locked, and automatic closing windows when in ‘Car Wash Mode’ were all disabled.

Tesla has now reactivated window features that were removed due to the recall, according to several Redditors who have stated their vehicles displayed the following message:

“Your Tesla now has access to new window features, Vent and close your windows remotely through the Tesla app, and enable ‘Close Windows on Lock’ in ‘Controls > ‘Locks’ on your vehicle’s touchscreen.”

tesla windows update

Some owners in the r/TeslaLounge subreddit indicated that they did not lose this feature at any point, which makes sense. The recall only affected Model S and Model X vehicles built from January 19, 2021, to September 16, 2022, and February 12, 2021, to September 16, 2022, respectively. Model 3 vehicles built from July 2, 2017, to September 14, 2022, and Model Y vehicles built from November 26, 2019, to September 14, 2022, were also affected.

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