Tesla pushes new software update to improve Model S suspension, Autopark, and more

Tesla pushes new software update to improve Model S suspension, Autopark, and more

Tesla Model S Autopilot

Tesla has started pushing a new software update to its fleet of Model S electric sedans in order to improve suspension, Autopark, and more.

Some of the improvements are expected to make it to other vehicles too.

When it comes to software updates, Tesla has been on a roll lately.

The automaker has not only been pushing a lot of new software updates to its fleet, but it also recently released a brand new version of its mobile app.

Now, Tesla has started pushing a new update specifically for the new Model S.

It includes a new version of its adaptive suspension damping.

Tesla wrote in the release notes of its new 2021.32.5 software update:

“A recalibrated suspension damping algorithm allows for smoother control and improved ride comfort. A rebalanced rebound-to-compression ratio works with the all-new multilink rear suspension to enhance steering response and handling for a higher degree of road connection and more precise control during spirited driving.”

As we recently reported, Tesla has started updating its Autopark features using its latest vision-based software.

Now the automaker is pushing improvements in its new update:

“Your vehicle can now automatically park in parallel and perpendicular posts. While driving below 15 mph (25 km/h), the instrument cluster will display a parking icon if it detects a potential parking spot. To initiate Autopark, tap-and-hold the Autopark button in the shift panel, and release the steering yoke. For more information on Autopark, please refer to the Owners Manual.”

Finally, the update also includes a change to the bottom control bar on the user interface:

“Child Lock replaces Camera under controls. You can still access Camera via the bottom bar on your touchscreen.”

Tesla started pushing the update to the fleet this weekend, but it can stake some time before it propagates to every vehicle.

While the new suspension damping algorithm is expected to only come to Model S (and Model X when deliveries start), the new vision-based Autopark is expected to eventually make it to all vehicles.

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