Tesla Prepares for Construction on Giga Nevada Semi Factory with Steel Deliveries

Tesla Prepares for Construction on Giga Nevada Semi Factory with Steel Deliveries

Tesla Semi’s Diesel giant Cummins

Tesla is making significant strides in constructing its Giga Nevada Semi factory with the arrival of substantial steel deliveries. This marks a crucial phase in building the high-volume semi-factory, aiming for production to begin by late 2025.

Tesla Advances Giga Nevada Semi Factory Construction with Crucial Steel Deliveries

With the arrival of substantial steel deliveries at the site, Tesla is making significant strides in constructing its high-volume semi-factory in Nevada, per Teslarati.

These deliveries mark a crucial phase in the construction process, as the steel will form the backbone of the semi-factory. In a post on Sunday, HinrichsZane, an X user, shared drone imagery from the site of the upcoming semi-factory. The factory is being constructed to expand Tesla’s existing Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. A significant quantity of steel recently delivered to the site is visible in the footage, implying that the company is on the brink of commencing construction on the eagerly anticipated semi-factory.

Hinrich’s complete video is accessible.

Tesla initiated construction on expansions to Giga Nevada in January. These expansions included adding new production lines and installing advanced manufacturing equipment. They aim to increase the production of the Semi and its 4680 battery cells.

Tesla’s Semi Program Gains Momentum with New Deliveries and Expanding Factory Applications

In April, Senior Manager of the Semi Program Dan Priestley discussed the forthcoming facility during Tesla’s Q1 2024 earnings call. He stated that the automaker hopes to have the first Semis off the production line by late 2025, with early external customers commencing in 2026.

Tesla delivered its initial Semi units to PepsiCo in December 2022. Although the Semi program has been relatively inactive since then, the automaker has recently resumed the delivery of additional units and has begun expanding its offerings to other companies. This significant progress has sparked optimism about the future of the Semi program. Tesla delivered 50 additional Semis to PepsiCo in May, following deliveries to Costco, Martin Brower, and Walmart.

Furthermore, the automaker has recently emphasized that Tesla Semis have been utilized to transport over 20,000 battery modules from Giga Nevada and have been in greater use around the company’s factories. This practical application of the Semis reassures stakeholders about their efficiency. Tesla has recently shared footage of the Semis transporting products between the two factories, and they have also been observed at the factory in Fremont, California.

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