Tesla opens longest Supercharger route from east to west along China’s historic Silk Road

(Credit: Tesla Greater China)

Recently, Tesla China announced the opening of the longest Supercharger station route along the country’s historic Silk Road.

The Supercharger route spans a little over 3,100 miles (5,000 kms) with 27 stations. Tesla China announced the opening of the route via its official Twitter account.

Tesla’s video about China’s longest Supercharger route depicts travelers driving through historical sites “to revive historical epics.” Tesla China’s Supercharger Team has been focused on expanding Tesla drivers’ reach by placing stations in the most exciting locations. For instance, earlier this year, the Supercharger team announced a route leading up to Mt. Everest’s base camp.

The 3.1k-mile Supercharger route runs along China’s historic Silk Road from Zhoushan to Horgos. The historic Silk Road rose during China’s Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 22CE). It forged trade networks in Central Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, along with modern-day India and Pakistan. The road also extended into Europe.

In 2013, President Xi launched China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiative, now commonly known as the new Silk Road. BRI lays out China’s plan to build railways, ports, highways, and other infrastructure that will connect the East with the West. At least 100 countries have shown their interest in the new Silk Road.

The G7 may have plans to create their own Silk Road. Specific details of the G7’s plans have not been divulged as of this reporting.

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