Tesla offers to accelerate Cybertruck delivery with referral program

Tesla offers to accelerate Cybertruck delivery with referral program

Tesla has offered Cybertruck reservation holders to accelerate their delivery through an award in its referral program. It sold out in hours.

Cybertruck deliveries have seemingly been accelerating lately, but the production is still limited.

Tesla is believed to have around 2 million reservations for the electric pickup truck. However, those reservations are not necessarily representative of the demand as they require only a $100 refundable deposit, and Cybertruck’s specs and pricing have changed significantly with the production version.

The company needs to convert those reservations into orders, and it has been successful doing so so far.

Last month, Tesla said that it had almost sold out all its order slots for the year.

But last night, it offered the opportunity to accelerate delivery.

Tesla updated its referral program award with a new award ‘Accelerate Your Cybertruck Delivery’ .

The award cost 30,000 credits, which is the equivalent of referring three new car purchases or 30 demo drives.

Within hours, the new award was sold out. It’s not clear how many people were able to accelerate their deliveries, but it looks like Tesla is saying that it will offer it again.

Several Cybertruck reservation holders were invited to configure, but they don’t have a clear delivery date yet.

Tesla is currently not reporting its quarterly Cybertruck deliveries.

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