Tesla Model Y wins another award

Tesla Model Y wins another award

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Tesla’s Model Y has won the AutoTrader award as the “Best Car for Families” for 2023, highlighting its utility as a great car for those with kids while also being an ideal choice for parents who want the latest and greatest in tech.

The Model Y boasts “everything that’s good about the hugely popular Model 3 and builds on it to make a fantastic family car.” A sibling of the Model 3 sedan, Tesla developed the Model Y with the mass-market mindset overwhelmingly present in the design.

Taking advantage of the popular crossover market across several markets globally, the Model Y offered everything that the Model 3 had, just more cargo space, more utility, and a more ideal design for what consumers want.

AutoTrader highlights the Model Y’s best qualities, including its “minimalistic cabin, the show-stopping central touchscreen, the quirky and fun tech integration, the impressive battery range and the ‘effortless acceleration.’”

Consumers seem to agree with the Model Y’s impressive sentiment and versatility as the vehicle has continued to climb up the ranks of the world’s best-selling vehicles since its introduction in 2020. As CEO Elon Musk said years ago, he expects the Model Y to be the best-selling car in the world.

This was accomplished in Q1, as sales figures showed Tesla sold 267,200 units of the Model Y through the first three months of the year. This was enough to best the mainstays on the list, like the Toyota RAV-4 and Corolla, which bested the Model Y last year.

Tesla Model Y vehicles start at $47,740 for the based version, while Long Range and Performance configurations start at $50,490 and $54,490, respectively. These prices are before any federal incentives are applied, which can take up to $7,500 off of the initial purchase price.

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