Tesla Model Y RWD now available in South Korea

Tesla Model Y RWD now available in South Korea

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The Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) is now available in South Korea. Social media posts from the electric vehicle maker indicate that the entry-level all-electric crossover will be imported from Gigafactory Shanghai.

The announcement was made through social media, with the official Tesla Korea Twitter account posting a short video about the all-electric crossover. The video featured Gigafactory Shanghai prominently, as well as the Shanghai Port, where Tesla China’s vehicles for exports are loaded onto car carrier ships.

A look at Tesla Korea’s official website shows that the Model Y RWD currently has an estimated delivery date of August to September 2023, though the company noted that this date could change depending on the circumstances. The Model Y’s other variants — the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Model Y Performance — are listed simply as “available in 2024.”

Tesla Korea’s Model Y configurator shows that the entry-level all-electric crossover is listed with a price of ₩56,990,000, or roughly $45,100 before options. In comparison, the Model Y RWD from Gigafactory Shanghai is sold in China for ¥263,900, or about $37,000 before options.

While the Model Y RWD is offered at a premium in South Korea compared to the vehicle’s price in China, its starting price is pretty close to the cost of the United States’ most affordable Model Y variant. The US’ most affordable Model Y is currently priced at $47,740 before options, though that is a vehicle with a dual motor setup and 4680 battery cells.

Those interested to check out the Tesla Model Y RWD in South Korea can click here.

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