Tesla Model Y Long Range is now sold out in the US and Canada for the third quarter

Tesla Model Y

The third quarter may only be in its first weeks, but Tesla already appears to have sold out the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor for Q3 2021 in the United States and Canada. A look at the company’s online configurator for the all-electric crossover shows that the Model Y Long Range now has an estimated delivery date in October 2021, the first month of the fourth quarter.

The Q4 2021 estimated delivery date is only true for the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor for now, as the Model Y Performance in both the United States and Canada is still listed with an estimated delivery date of 7-11 weeks. Considering that the Model Y Long Range is now sold out, however, it would not be surprising if the top-tier crossover also ends up selling out soon for the third quarter.

Tesla  Model Y

The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor is currently priced in the US at $52,990 before incentives, which makes it closer in price to the Model 3 than the company’s flagship vehicles, the Model S and Model X. The Model Y is significantly more spacious than its sedan sibling, however, and it is even able to seat seven provided that the passengers in the third-row seats are not too tall.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has noted in the past that he believes the demand for the Model Y would outpace the demand for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X combined. This seemed like a bold statement then considering that the Model 3 was already the world’s best-selling premium electric car. EV sales in the United States this year so far suggest that Musk’s statements are accurate, as theModel Y now outsells the Model 3 in the country.

Being a crossover, the Model Y caters to a large market of potential buyers, and this is hinted at in the growing demand for the vehicle. This essentially puts Tesla in a unique position. If the vehicle is priced based on demand, Tesla could easily price the Model Y higher than its cost today. Tesla’s price adjustments so far have been minimal, however, suggesting that the company is really looking at the long term to keep the Model Y’s prices focused solely on the mass market.

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