Tesla Model S and Model X Long Range receive $5k price increase

Tesla Model S and Model X Long Range

The Tesla Model S and Model X have received their latest round of price increases. As per Tesla’s online configurator, the price of the flagship sedan and SUV’s Long Range variants has increased by $5,000. The Model S and Model X Plaid’s prices are unaffected.

With the $5,000 price increase, the Tesla Model S Long Range now starts at $89,990. The vehicle was previously priced at $84,990. The Model X Long Range, on the other hand, now costs $99,990 to start, up from its previous price of $94,990.

Tesla Model S

The Model S Plaid’s price has been kept at $129,990. Interestingly enough, the Model X Plaid, which is listed with a range of 340 miles per charge, a 2.5-second 0-60 mph time, and a 9.9-second quarter-mile time, is still priced at $119,990. This makes the Model X Plaid, at least for now, more affordable than its sedan counterpart.

It should be noted that this recent round of price increases did not affect any variants of the Model 3 and Model Y at all.

Tesla’s vehicle prices this year have been quite volatile, especially when it came to the Model 3 and Model Y, the latter of which has received seven price adjustments since the start of 2021. In this light, the Model S and Model X have kept their prices a bit more consistently, with the Model S Long Range only receiving two price adjustments since the beginning of the year.

Tesla Model X

Tesla has not explained the reasons behind its price fluctuations, though comments from CFO Zachary Kirkhorn during the Q2 2021 earnings call hint at the changes being more of a reflection on demand. As noted in a report from The Street, Tesla’s second-quarter results revealed that the company achieved its best automotive margin since the introduction of the Model 3 sedan.

The backlog for the Tesla Model S and Model X, particularly with regards to their Long Range variants, hints that orders for the two vehicles have been healthy so dar. Currently, both the Model S and Model X Long Range are listed with an estimated delivery date of February to March 2022.

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