Tesla Model 3 Highland spotted

Tesla Model 3 Highland spotted

Tesla’s Model 3 has gained a refreshed design, with the updated model launching in several countries outside of the U.S. in the last few months. The new Model 3, dubbed the Highland or the Model 3+, has now been spotted completely uncovered in the U.S. for the first time, ahead of the automaker’s official North American launch of the vehicle.

Reddit user u/no_regular_8542 shared photos of the Model 3 Highland on a highway outside of Menlo Park, California on Wednesday, shown without any coverings at all. The refreshed Model 3 was also spotted last month without a rear bumper covering, though this is the first time the vehicle has been seen in the U.S. without any privacy wraps.

The Model 3+ has Tesla’s ultra red paint, along with the redesigned front taillights and other exterior changes that have been spotted with the vehicle’s launch in recent months. The news comes after several months of speculation ahead of the refreshed Model 3’s launch and after Tesla officially launched the new vehicle design in markets across much of Europe, Asia and elsewhere, though it’s still not yet available in North America.

The Model 3 Highland is currently being built at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, and onlookers have recently seen huge batches of the vehicle outside the plant in preparation for being shipped. Over the weekend, one Model 3 Highland was unveiled in France during an Owners Day event at the Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune.

It’s not entirely clear when Tesla plans to launch the Model 3+ in North America, though most point to early 2024 for initial U.S. deliveries. The vehicle is expected to begin initial deliveries in Europe this and next month and in China sometime during the fourth quarter, according to Tesla’s order configurators for various countries. Tesla also began discounting inventory Model 3 units in the U.S. last month, which many expect to precede the North American launch of the refreshed version.

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