Tesla Model 3 Highland is now available in the UK

Tesla Model 3 Highland is now available in the UK

When the upgraded Tesla Model 3 was initially released, the vehicle was offered to most of Europe. The vehicle was unavailable only in select countries in the region, and the UK was one of them. This changed today, as the upgraded Tesla Model 3 is now available in Great Britain.

This could be seen in the Tesla Model 3’s order page for Great Britain, which now shows the upgraded “Highland” model. Similar to other countries where the upgraded Model 3 is available, two variants are offered for the all-electric sedan: the base Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and the midrange Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD).

Interestingly enough, the Model 3 Highland RWD is listed with a starting price of £39,990 in the UK, while the Dual Motor AWD variant starts at £49,990 before options. As noted in a Top Gear UK report, the Model 3 RWD started at £42,990 in September. This means that the upgraded all-electric sedan is not just better; it is also more affordable.

A look at Tesla’s order page for the upgraded Model 3 in the UK shows an estimated delivery date of January to February 2024. This is true for both the Model 3 RWD and the Model 3 Dual Motor AWD.

There’s much excitement surrounding the upgraded Tesla Model 3. The vehicle is completely revamped, with a more aggressive and sporty exterior and an interior that draws heavily from the flagship Model S and Model X. Early reviews of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 have been positive, with many praising the vehicle’s increased comfort and new features like its rear touch screen.

With a very reasonable price in the UK, the upgraded Model 3 could become a strong seller in the country. After all, the previous generation Model 3 was already very successful, usually ranking second only to its sibling — the Tesla Model Y — in the UK’s EV rankings.

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