Tesla Model 3 becomes a 6-ton electric tank with giant chain tracks

Tesla Model 3 becomes a 6-ton electric tank with giant chain tracks

Tesla Model 3

A bunch of maniacs decided to turn a Tesla Model 3 into a tank with some giant chain tracks – resulting in a 6-ton electric off-roading machine.

At Electrek, we believe every ground transport vehicle is going to go battery-electric over the next few decades, and that includes off-roading vehicles. It is certainly not a priority segment to electrify, but it slowly getting some electric options.

Some people can’t wait, though, and decide to build some themselves using existing electric cars. Tesla vehicles, thanks to their popularity and great electric powertrains, have been popular for those conversions.

We have seen Tesla owners putting snow tracks on their vehicles and off-road suspensions to make the Model 3 the ultimate off-road machine, but all of those efforts don’t hold a candle to what these German YouTubers did with this Model 3.

They added giant tank tracks to the electric car, turning it into a giant 6-ton electric tank:

It took them four weeks to build the vehicle, and most of that time was spent on building those giant tracks using 1.3-ton chains.

The result is undoubtedly impressive; uou end up with a Model 3 with 80 cm (31″) of ground clearance that is going to be able to some rough terrain.

The YouTuber added a front winch with a 6-ton capacity in case those tracks get stuck somewhere. They haven’t release a video of the vehicle being tested off-road, but they say that it is coming soon.

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