Tesla Model 3 2025 Performance Details (Highland)

Tesla Model 3 2025 Performance Details (Highland)

The upcoming Model 3 Performance (Tesla might change its moniker, though!) is shaping up to be a winner. The Highland refresh proved to everyone that the Texas-based EV maker improved exactly what needed improving. The tweaks made the affordable sedan much, much better. Giving up on stalks may not have been a wise move, but Tesla buyers are resilient and will put up with innovative approaches. Besides putting up with all sorts of novelties, they will be very happy to hear about the impressive features that should debut on the upcoming Model 3 Performance.

Very few people dislike fast, affordable cars. I strongly suspect that only a couple of buyers would happily get a ride with less horsepower just for the sake of it. Most of us will try to come up with some extra thousands to pay for an upgrade that might secure a more capable set of wheels. That’s why many auto brands create multiple versions of the same model. They can’t wait to charge extra for cars with more oomph.

Tesla isn’t any different. The world’s most valuable automaker, which also happens to have 2023’s best-selling vehicle in its lineup, is getting ready to bring forward the renewed Model 3 Performance. It’s unclear if it will still be called that, but we’ll stick with it until the official name is confirmed.

Some people are not very willing to wait and allow the manufacturer to go through with its plans because they just want to see what’s new before they’re supposed to. That’s what got us a good look at the facelifted Model 3 Performance. It’s alleged that two persons entered a private parking lot, took the covers off one of the prototypes, got inside the EV, recorded some interesting details, and shared them online with everyone to see.

This story doesn’t make much sense, considering that any Tesla can lock itself automatically when it detects that the driver and the key aren’t nearby any longer. But that’s the current version of how the refreshed Model 3 Performance leaked ahead of its official unveiling. We’re not going to say it didn’t happen that way.

A real leak?

The pair that found the car posted about it on Twitter (X), and the information spread around rather fast. However, the social media network that Tesla CEO Elon Musk controls stopped people from oversharing. Many had their accounts locked until they removed the images. However, enough info was leaked before the platform took some countermeasures.

The first thing many people will notice is the front look. There’s still no grille because it’s not necessary, but the bumper has extra air curtains. New creases reveal a design that might be important for aerodynamic efficiency and brake cooling.

Codenamed Poppy Seed, the new Model 3 Performance won’t have a Ludicrous driving mode. Owners will choose between Chill, Sport, and Insane. The EV will have an “active suspension,” which means the dampers will be adjustable. There won’t be any air compressors or a-la-Mustang MagneRide.

The software gets a recheck, too. The EV should be capable of shifting automatically between forward and reverse without needing an obstacle in its front or rear to decide where to go. There could be even more goodies hidden in there. Tesla might want to show that it’s on the right path, even though some investors are worried about the current demand.

There are new seats, too! And they’re ventilated! Tesla enthusiasts call them “bucket seats.” However, they’re not. They are sport seats (with the Ludicrous badge!) that provide more lateral support. Of course, the carbon fiber dash insert is also there, but that’s no longer a novelty.

From Fremont, with love

The VIN that can be seen in the short video recorded inside the EV reveals that the prototype was built at the Fremont factory. The same footage reveals a virtual Ludicrous badge but no mention of a third motor. It would be a massive surprise if Tesla decided to add an extra motor to its affordable high-performance “zero-emission” sedan. That’s why we think it won’t happen, and the vehicle will have a dual-motor setup like before.

Tesla also took care of styling and added a discreet carbon fiber rear spoiler at the rear. It’s not much, but it does give the vehicle a distinctive aspect. Sadly, the vehicle won’t have any radars or ultrasonic sensors.

Fret not; at least there’ll be a Track Mode! That spoiler might help with creating more downforce to keep the already heavy EV stuck to the tarmac. The EV is expected to debut with a maximum power output of around 620 hp. That might enable it to reach 60 mph from a standstill in under three seconds.

The previous-generation Model 3 Performance had an MSRP of $50,990 after Tesla dropped the starting costs. It used to cost almost $60,000! We expect the 2025 model-year EV to have a pre-tax and -fee price tag of under $55,000. It only feels fair, considering the many hardware upgrades and software changes. That would also put it under the EV tax credit price limit, which could encourage more Americans to splurge and get the best Model 3.

Finally, Tesla’s mini-Model S Plaid should debut soon. Some media representatives have been spotted in the US snooping around some cars that eyewitnesses identified as “weird-looking” Model 3s. We’re closer and closer to the official reveal.

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