Tesla just launched a new wave of discounts

Tesla just launched a new wave of discounts

If you have trouble keeping track of how much it costs to buy a Tesla, you are probably not alone.

The popular electric vehicle maker has been on quite a journey, having cut prices, raised prices again, and qualified for, unqualified for, requalified for, and then un-requalified for tax credits. The list goes on.

The latest addition to that list is that Tesla is now offering a referral program through which U.S. customers can get $500 off the purchase price when buying a Model 3 or Model Y, according to a report from Reuters, and $1,000 off for a Model S or Model X, per CleanTechnica. It’s not a massive difference if you’re paying $32,740 for a new Model 3 (the current listed price on Tesla’s website), but it’s not nothing.

In addition to the United States, the “Refer and Earn” program is available to Tesla customers in China, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Singapore, per Reuters. In addition to the $500 to $1,000 cashback, those who take advantage of the program will get three free months of Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) feature.

According to Tesla’s website, you can qualify for the discount by:

Buying a Model S or Model X using a referral link from a friend, which gets you the full $1,000 discount on your purchase (and gives them 20,000 referral credits).

Buying a Model 3 or Model Y using a friend’s referral link, which gets you the $500 discount (and gives them 10,000 referral credits).

Buying Tesla solar panels with your friend’s referral link, which gets you the $500 discount (and gives them 9,000 referral credits).

Tesla’s previous forays into referral programs included one that promised loyal customers a free Tesla Roadster if they accumulated enough referral points. That program was abruptly ended in 2019, with Tesla never delivering on about 80 promised Roadsters, according to Electrek.

Another similar program, launched earlier this year, involved customers accumulating points to be entered into a raffle for a free Cybertruck. That, too, has yet to come to fruition.

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