Tesla is preparing for the production of Cybertruck

Tesla is preparing for the production of Cybertruck

Tesla's Cybertruck Elon Musk

Tesla is preparing to accept shipment of another 9,000-ton Giga Press that has been rumored to be the machine that will build the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas.

Back in January, parts of the first 9,000-ton Giga Press were spotted being delivered to Gigafactory Texas. Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer routinely flies over the plant, and had images of the assembly of the machine captured.

Shortly afterward, Tesla shut down any possibility of drone operators capturing the assembly of the machine by covering the windows of the massive factory.

However, it appears that Tesla is set to receive a new Giga Press, according to shipment data captured by Greggertruck of the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum.

tesla idra press delivery

Credit: Greggertruck | Cybertruck Owners Club Forum

On March 16, a package arrived at a local port from IDRA, with the receiving entity being named on the documents: Tesla.

This is likely the first portion of a larger machine, as additional Bills of Lading indicate there are more inbound shipments that are headed to the Texas factory.

The IDRA Giga Press is something Tesla has used to simplify production and improve vehicle designs. As a result of the company’s advancements in manufacturing, Tesla has been able to increase production volume by simplifying vehicle designs and improving vehicle safety.

Tesla has been prepping for Cybertruck production for some time, and while CEO Elon Musk admitted that limited production would start this Summer, he also is aware volume production is on its way, but won’t occur until 2024.

Nevertheless, the Cybertruck design has been finalized, at least for now. Additionally, more details about the truck have been released recently, as executives told a person present at Investor Day various plans for the truck, including new features and a dedicated Cybertruck Accessories Team that is tasked with developing various additions to the vehicle.

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