Tesla is planning a “sports” version of the Model 3

Tesla is planning a “sports” version of the Model 3

Tesla is planing a “Sport” Version of the Model 3 with sportier seats, according to information coming out of Tesla’s latest software update.

With deliveries starting in the last few days in Europe and tomorrow in China, we are still learning about the updated version of the Model 3.

Last week, the parts catalog showed that Tesla was planning a new performance version of the Model 3 Highland.

Now, Tesla hacker Green, who goes through Tesla’s code in new software updates to find new features, has revealed some more details about the unannounced new trim of the Model 3.

Green found a version referred to as “Sport” in the software:

He found that the new version will be equipped with new front seats that feature bigger side support and headrests as shown on this render:

The backseat have also been slightly updated, but we have already seen that in the original unveiling of the new Model 3.

This would be the first time that Tesla has updated the interior of a performance version of a vehicle in its lineup.

The automaker generally focuses on suspension and brake upgrades as well as powertrain performance – even though the powertrain itself is generally the same, but other versions are software locked.

Electrek’s Take

It’s unclear if this is going to be a new standard interior for the Performance, Ludicrous, or Plaid, whatever the new performance version is going to be called, or if it’s going to be a new interior package.

I’m leaning toward the latter just based on Tesla’s history on that front, but it could go either way.

Now, the most interesting thing is going to be the actual performance of the top version of the new Model 3.

I love my Model 3 Performance. It doesn’t have crazy acceleration of a Model S Plaid, but it is lighter and I’d argued more fun to drive. I can’t wait to see what Tesla can do with the updated version

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