Tesla is planning a smaller version of the Model Y

Tesla is planning a smaller version of the Model Y

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is Tesla’s best-selling EV, so it makes perfect sense to use the next-gen platform for a smaller, cheaper version.

We won’t know for sure what Tesla’s final plans are until the company makes it all official. However, according to a report that cites several industry insiders who claim to have details on the matter, the next-gen Tesla model will be a small crossover.

It should come as no surprise to those who follow the space that Tesla may be planning a smaller and less expensive crossover to be the first vehicle to ride on its next-gen platform. When the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling EV in the world, Tesla introduced the Model Y crossover, which is essentially just a larger and more practical crossover version of the Model 3 sedan. Now, the Model Y is Tesla’s top seller, so why not offer a more attainable version of the crossover?

Tesla has already shared that it’s working on a smaller, next-gen platform on which EVs will arrive that are much cheaper to produce than the Model 3 and Model Y. Clearly, they’ll also be much cheaper to buy. The next-gen EVs will first come out of Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory in Mexico, which the automaker aims to build in record time.

While Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have mentioned a $25,000 EV and spoken in general about a new platform, cheaper products, etc., there has been little in the way of concrete information. Moreover, it seems every time the media believes it’s aware of details, they change.

With that said, Teslarati just shed light on a recent report out of China that provides some details about the upcoming model and platform. The report, which was published by 36 Krypton, claims Tesla aims to produce 4 million units of the upcoming small crossover per year. The publication writes (translated from Chinese to English by Google Translate):

“The low-priced model is a smaller version of the Model Y. Tesla is working on building an annual production capacity of up to 4 million units for it.”

As you are likely aware, the lines between car classifications have become quite blurred these days. Some people may not consider the Tesla Model Y an SUV, and there are folks that would argue against it even being called a crossover. Meanwhile, there are now various forms of hatchbacks and wagons for sale that are being marketed as crossovers and SUVs by some.

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