Tesla is fixing 8700 cars in China with an Over-the-Air update

Tesla is fixing 8700 cars in China with an Over-the-Air update

Tesla will use an Over-the-Air software update to remedy an issue with the rear camera in 8,700 EVs in China.

Tesla will fix 1,071 Model S and Model X and 7,529 Model 3 vehicles in what is being described as a “recall,” according to federal regulators in China.

According to some reports regarding the issue with the rear camera, there are some vehicles that have unstable integrated circuit communications, which can be fixed through software.

However, when the camera issue is present, drivers can have a limited field of vision when the car is in reverse, and it can increase the risk of an accident or pose a safety hazard, which was the reason for the recall initiation.


There has been a lot of conversation regarding recall terminology over the past few years, especially as Tesla’s ability to fix vehicle issues through over-the-air updates has become more popular.

Owners feel that the term recall is not necessarily accurate due to the fact that a majority of these issues are fixed without the owner even knowing it. While they are made aware of the bug or issue with their car, the vehicle automatically downloads and applies the fix without owners having to do anything manually.

CEO Elon Musk has said that he believes it is also time for new terminology, calling it “outdated and inaccurate.”

However, agencies are sticking with the term recall because of its definition, which technically is correct when pertaining to vehicle issues that could affect safety.

The NHTSA told Teslarati in a statement earlier this month that a recall is an acknowledgment of a safety defect in a vehicle. Even if it is fixed with software, it is still a recall because it is a fix to a safety issue.

“Defects that pose an unreasonable risk to safety are serious and should be remedied as soon as possible,” the agency added. “The Vehicle Safety Act requires manufacturers to issue recalls to remedy safety defects. Whether a remedy can be completed at a local dealership or through an over-the-air software update makes no difference to the safety risk posed by a defect.”

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