Tesla highlights the interior of the new Model 3 Performance

Tesla highlights the interior of the new Model 3 Performance

The new bucket seats of the 2024 Model 3 Performance have been snapped from up close, alongside new carbon fiber interior elements. The Ludicrous-badged Model 3 is slated for release in May.

Tesla keeps testing its 2024 Model 3 Ludicrous/Performance version that is expected to be released in May.

The latest sighting of a camouflaged test mule in San Francisco reveals new interior elements for the first time.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance interior

Apparently, the new Model 3 Performance will have the light carbon fiber dashboard typical for sports cars, as well as bucket seats that high-performance race vehicles get outfitted with.

The latest spy shots caught a glimpse of the sports seats in black leather, whereas previous sightings showcased the white interior version.

Other than the bucket seats and the carbon dash, the interior resembles that of the current Model 3 Highland edition. One can then reasonably expect ambient lighting and more comfortable space for the rear passengers, as well as vented seats.

Besides the interior of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous/Performance version, its sports brakes with red calipers have been snapped together with the 19-inch wheels from up close. The brakes upgrade will be highly needed, given that combined output of its dual motor drivetrain is north of 600HP, and may catapult the sedan in under 3 seconds.

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